Le CaptiFlex® sur la dérive d'un alpha-jet
Le CaptiFlex® sur la dérive d'un alpha-jet

CaptiFlex™ technology : a LMSM's solution

> CaptiFlex™ is a fast solution in order to install of your sensors at the right place for mesuring wall parameter in flows.



CaptiFlex™ is a very fine thin skin made to your mesurments. Thanks to this technology, you can set up quickly your cots sensors on your own prototypes and vehicles.

CaptiFlex™ meets usal standards for vibration, shild, lightning ... It was also tested on ground vehicles : car, skis and in flight on a DGA EV Alpha-Jet (French gouvernement flight test center)

We achieved a highly quality for your measurements.


This 1.2 mm thick CaptiFlex™ contains 10 pressure transducers on a 5 mm curvature radius.

> CaptiFlex™ is designed to measure several wall parameters at the same time such as steady and unsteady pressure, vibration, acoustic, temperature, stress, transition… So CaptiFlex™ :



  • Is light, smooth, flexible and it molds precisely into your surface accurately reproducing its characteristics (rivets …)

  • Is profiled and very thin for no disturbance of the flow

  • embeddes shielded electrical circuits, therefore measurements are not disturbed

  • Is waterproofing and houses a mounting system and connectors for COTS sensors

  • need neither hole in your prototype nor touching up paintwork after its removal.


By using CaptiFlex™ technology, you achieve not only your technical objectives but also your costs and schedule. French Ministry of Research declared LMSM as an innovative company, the LMSM company has the research tax credit.(CIR)

To download the datasheet of CaptiFlex™ technology
characteristics of the Captiflex V2.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat [53.4 KB]
CaptiFlex™ on an Alpha-Jet vertical tail before flight.

CaptiFlex™ is a plug and play device, glue at the measurement surface. By using CaptiFlex™, you will save up to 80% of installation time of your sensors.

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